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    After graduating in Veterinary, the love and passion for Basset Hounds and Welsh Corgi Pembrokes led my husband Michele and me to start the kennel. For both breeds the bloodlines are the most famous and important, without logically neglecting the health and health aspects of all my subjects.

    All our Bassethounds are officially flagged for hip and elbow dysplasia, while pembroke welsh corgi are tested for oculopathies, degenerative myelopathy, Von Willenbrandt disease and they too are officially flagged for hip and elbow dysplasia. Furthermore, the puppies are checked with ultrasound before delivery to rule out pathologies of the internal organs.

    Our dogs are raised at home and are first and foremost our life companions. We regularly participate in national and international exhibitions both in Italy and abroad, obtaining excellent results.

    Our puppies carry my surname in their name with the recognized Enci prefix “Born in Bentivoglio”.

    Dott.ssa Selvaggia Bentivoglio