It is not known how and when this breed was introduced in the British Islands: some argue that the Corgi Pembroke, which has similar aspects to Västgötaspets (Swedish Vallhund), a Swedish breed of sheepdogs, has been imported by the Vikings. According to others, however, the origin of the Corgi is native, as in Britain has been found records in historical documents dating to the tenth century of a "curre" or "cur dog", a word which means working dog and that sounds very similar to the Welsh pronunciation of the word "Corgi".

    The area of ​​origin and of largest diffusion of the breed remains the Pembrokeshire in Wales, whether it arrived there by sea in the wake of Nordic sailors, or as a result of the evolution of local animals present in the region at the time of the first human settlements.

    The Pembroke's Welsh name is "We Sodli" which means "hock", to indicate its characteristic habit of biting cows' hocks. Welsh Corgi were used as sheepdogs, driving the herd to pasture, watching over it at night and returning to the herd cattle went astray. His appearance at that time was undoubtedly quite different from what we see today. It differed in type and size and had a rough coat, but it had the same temperament it has today. The instinct to bite hocks was useful in guiding cattle, but turned out to be a grave mistake if applied to sheep. In 1880 the shepherds of Cardiganshire (now Ceredigion), in order to overcome this problem, decided to breed it with the Corgi Welsh Collie, another shepherd breed used in Wales. From this mixture is believed to have originated the Cardigan variety, which counts among its characteristics the blue merle mantle common to all varieties of collies.


    The Corgi, despite its qualities and uncommon abilities, would have remained a farm dog if its fate had not led it to meet with a very special girl. In 1933, the then Duke of York, later King George VI, bought a puppy of this breed, Rozavel Golden Eagle, and gave it to his daughter Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II). The dog was renamed Dookie and instantly hit the heart of the royal family. This first dog had been just the first of many others giving life to the Royal Family's breed known by the affix "Windsor". Since then, Corgi have become by definition "the Queen's dog", a definition still used today and well renown.


    The Welsh Corgi Pembroke is a lively, curious and intelligent little dog, with a characteristic foxy head, rather short legs and with or without a tail. The adjective "small" is related only to its size, because the character is that of a large dog, a working dog. Its dimensions make it an ideal companion that takes up little space in your home and is easily adaptable to both city and country life. It doesn't require particularly intense physical activity, even though it is rather difficult to tire. His short coat requires very little care, while being an excellent protection against the cold and wet, also because of a dense undercoat.

    Its capacity for work, however, does not end there: the Corgi is an excellent hunter of mice and rabbits and sometimes pheasants and partridges. It can be trained to obedience and agility trials and is by nature a very good guard dog. Even those so-called "exposition specimens" keep intact these features, contrary to what has happened to many other breeds that, selected only on the basis of morphological characteristics, have indeed reached a high level of aesthetic perfection, but lost at the same time qualities of character and their ability to work.


    Until a few years ago it was common practice to cut the puppies' tail in their first days of life. Today, in many European countries this practice has been banned and this has forced the FCI to update the breed standard.

    But there is also a legend of how the Corgi Pembroke lost his tail: long, long ago, when the Earth was still young the Corgi was the Elven Queen's favorite pet to go riding with at night. Cardigans and Pembrokes had some beautiful, long, bushy tails with which waved nicely during their night raids. But one night, after a long day at work looking after cattle, a Pembroke Corgi decided he had enough and chose to go to sleep instead of being decorated with flowers by the goblins and be the Queen's steed. The elves shook him, pushed him and pulled him until he got up with a sigh. "I do not want to go out tonight," it complained, "I'm tired and in a bad mood and want to sleep. Find another animal for your night out,". After it said that it sat with fixed eyes and refused to move. The elves spoke to it, threatened him, tried to bribe him, screamed, all without getting anything. The Corgi had made up its mind, and nothing would change its mind. The Queen was furious and uttered a terrible curse "I will pin with a magic formula your tail to the floor in order to imprison you. Youìll be freed as soon as you agree to be my slave and serve me for my night rides whenever I desire." The Corgi did not like it one bit. It took a solemn oath that it would never be corrupted and began to pull and pull. Unfortunately, his tail was nailed to the floor. He pulled again and again until it finally broke free... but the tail was still nailed. He had just ripped the tail from its body! And since then the Corgi Pembroke no longer had a tail, in commemoration of the dog who rebelled against the Queen of the fairies. And like any good Welsh it's still fierce and proud, full of good will and will not tolerate threats and curses.

  • ORIGIN: Great Britain

    USE: Sheepdog

    CLASSIFICATION FCI: Group 1 Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs) Section 1.1 Sheepdogs Without working trial

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: short, strong, sturdy construction, lively and active, gives the impression of substance and stamina packed in a contained volume.

    FEATURES: bold-looking, hard worker

    BEHAVIOUR-TEMPERAMENT: outgoing and friendly, never nervous nor aggressive

    HEAD foxy in shape and appearance, with an expression of alarm and intelligence, skull fairly wide and flat between the ears and a moderate stop. Proportionate length of the muzzle to the skull = 3: 5. The muzzle tapers slightly. black truffle. Jaws / Teeth: Jaws strong with regular and complete scissor bite, ie upper teeth closely overlapping the lower on contact. Teeth perpendicular to the jaw. Eyes are well positioned, round, of medium size, brown in harmony with coat color, Erect ears of medium size, slightly rounded. The line drawn from the tip of the nose through the center of the eye should, if continued, go to the tip of the ears, or very close.

    NECK rather long

    BODY of medium length, with well sprung ribs, not too narrow; seen from above, it goes slightly tapering. Horizontal line of the back. Chest: Broad and low, well let down between forelegs.

    TAIL short, preferably natural.
    Cut: short
    Uncut: Set on the continuation of the topline, carried low and not curled over the back. When moving it is carried on the extension of the back, at rest it's low.
    Undesirable if hanging too high or too low.

    FOREQUARTERS short forearms as straight as much as possible; arms accompany the chest. Good bone to the foot. The elbows adhere closely to the body, not too loose nor too tight. Shoulders are flat and angled at 90° with the arms

    HINDQUARTERS Strong and flexible, with well bent knee. Short legs. Strong bones for all the legs lenght. Hocks are straight when viewed from behind.

    FEET Oval, strong toes, well arched and close together, the two middle fingers advancing slightly on the other two, pads are strong and well arched. Short nails.

    STRIDE loose and active. The elbows remain adherent to the body but not too tight. The front legs have good reach without getting up from the ground too much, in unison with the rear drive.

    HAIR medium length, straight with dense undercoat, never soft, wavy or hard.
    COLOR single color Red, Sand, Fawn, Black and Fire, with or without white markings on legs, chest and neck. A little white on the head and snout permission.

    SIZE AND WEIGHT: Height at withers: about 25.4 cm 30.5
    Males 10-12 kg
    Female 10 -11 kg

    DEFECTS: : Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which it is penalized must be in proportion to its degree. Any physical or behavioral abnormalities may lead the dog to be disqualified.

    NB Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum
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